CBD Suppositories (10mg CBD) - 10 per Pack

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CBD Suppositories (10mg CBD) - 10 per Pack

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Product Information

Many people choose either CBD oil or capsules for ease of use, but there’s one way of taking CBD oil that is often overlooked – the humble suppository.

There is 10mg of ORGANIC CBD per suppostitory.  CBD Suppositories are an excellent way to obtain the benefits of hemp CBD, thanks to higher bioavailability and absorption rates when compared to other methods of hemp CBD administration. Our rectal membranes are highly absorbent.  The bioavailability of CBD through rectal absorption can be over twice that of taking it orally. 

There are many benefits to administration of Hempture CBD via suppository use when compared to other administration methods, including bypassing the first metabolization in the liver, and as an alternative method when oral intake may be restricted for various reason. Results can be often felt within 10 minutes when used inserted correctly in the rectum. Please remember that hygeine is important so make sure you have clean hands before and washhands after inserting the CBD Suppository.

Rectal administration of Hempture CBD has greater bioavailability & absorption than either oral or inhaled methods. Effects can be felt in as little as 10 minutes after application, and last up to 8 hours! Cannabinoid suppositories can be an excellent addition to many therapeutic regimens.

They can be inserted in your rectum or your vagina. Recommended instructions are on the back of each pack  but here is an over view.

Instructions for use: Use 1-4 times daily. Wash hands before opening and handling suppository; gloves may be worn. To ease insertion, a light coating of water-based lubricant may be applied directly to the suppository. With the pointed end of the suppository first, carefully insert into the rectum past the sphincter muscle. Wash hands. Slippage may occur; rest for 15-20 minutes before resuming activity or having a bowel movement. FOR VAGINAL INSERTION: Capsule to be inserted high in the vagina. This is best done in a reclining position.

Capsule may be cut in half lengthwise (tip to tip) for a smaller dose. If suppository still inside packaging has broken, place the unopened shell into a sealable waterproof bag and gently reheat in warm water until melted. Place back into refrigerator to allow suppository to reform within the shell. If suppository is too soft for insertion, place into into a fridge until hard enough for use.

All of the products sourced by CBD For Health are produced from organic hemp farms in the EU.

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